Telstra Go Repeater Mobile Trucker Edge Kit 3G / 4G / 4GX



Whether you’re a truck driver tired of cruising through dead zones of data service, or you’re planning your next big motor home or 4WD trip, a 3G/4G mobile repeater is the ultimate tool for truckers and cross-country drivers.  Now includes premium 9db high gain heavy duty  bull bar antenna.

Supported Networks Telstra, Aldi Mobile, Boost Mobile, Woolworths Mobile

Many drivers find that in remote areas, calls on their phones are constantly dropping and internet speeds are at an all-time low. Our 3G/4G mobile repeater work to eliminate these annoyances when travelling by:


  1. Pulling in the existing mobile signal through the Outside Antenna
  2. Boosting the signal through the Amplifier
  3. Rebroadcasting the enhanced signal with the Internal Antenna


With just these three steps, your 3G/4G mobile repeater will increase the quality of your mobile services with crystal clear calls and reliable service and reception – dropped calls and slow internet speeds will be a thing of the past!




  • Trucks and Buses
  • 4WD
  • Motor Homes
  • Cross-Country Drivers
  • All Vehicles with mount for High Gain antenna


Telstra Go Smart Repeater Mobile model is based on the Nextivity’s Cel-Fi GO Mobile Phone Repeater and has been tested, authorised and approved by Telstra for use on the Telstra Mobile Network.

Telstra Go Smart Repeater is a one box coverage solution for Telstra’s Next G® and 4GX networks operating on 3G 850Mhz or 4G 700/1800MHz bands. It is designed to dramatically boost voice quality and increase data speeds for in vehicle applications.

Telstra Go Smart Repeater offers a more flexible installation over other Cel-Fi models due to the abilty to run cables to where the signal is needed most. By not having a wireless link between two boxes GO can operate in areas that are saturated with Wi-Fi.

 EOL  replaced by New model THFCOMMS | Cel Fi Roam R41 Repeater Trucker Edge Kit Telstra / Optus 3G 4G 5G

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Product no.: CFGM-103B

For trucks and other vehicle applications
100dBi of system gain
Includes external and internal antennas
Locked to Telstra’s Mobile Network
Carrier approved
Bluetooth WAVE App for iPhone, Android & Computers
Supported Networks Telstra, Aldi Mobile, Boost Mobile, Woolworths Mobile


  • Telstra Go Smart Repeater Mobile model 100dBi Mobile model
  • 9dBi Stainless Spring Fibreglass OMNI High Gain Antenna  with 5m cable
  • Panorama Adhesive backed Internal Panel Antenna with 3m cable EF-BC3G-26-3SP
  • 12V cigarette lighter plug adapter


Professional Installation is recommended. If you require installation services, please call us and ask for Telstra Smart Repeater support. Installation should be carried out strictly in accordance with the Cel-Fi GO Mobile Quick Start Guide and Cel-Fi GO Stationary Quick Start Guide and any other information contained in the box. Vehicle installations of the Cel-Fi Go Mobile in particular requires special attention not to interfere with air bag mechanisms, safety and control systems, ABS, stability and traction systems and the vehicles auto electrics in general. You should be familiar with applicable federal and state regulations and industry standards regarding installation. Incorrect installation may result in water leaks, electrical damage, fusing and risk of fire. Misuse of this equipment or failure to follow the instructions in the Quick Start Guide could result in injury and equipment damage. In no event will THFCOMMS  be responsible or liable for either indirect or consequential damage or injury that may result from the installation or use of this equipment. Please contact our Support Team if you have any questions regarding the above precautions. 02 6680 7949  , Should be installed by a licensed auto electrician.

more info on this product @  data sheet

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