Home Use Passive Repeater, Yagi with desktop induction panel 3G & 4G 4GX



Our Passive Repeater Antenna Solution is an economical way to increase cell tower signal on the desktop.


Easy to setup and use. Ideal for the home office .Basically the solutions involves mounting a Yagi antenna outside on a pole (like a TV antenna) and running a cable to the desktop where it’s connected to a desktop panel. When you place your mobile phone, tablet or modem on the panel, it picks up the signal from the Yagi. The advantage over a cradle or patch lead solution is that one, two, three or more device can be boosted at a time as long as they sit on the panel. The Yagi comes with a 6m 195 grade low loss antenna cable and pole mounting kit to suit 25-50mm diameter pole. The desktop panel comes with a short pigtail cable with an FME Male connector which mates with the 6m yagi cable. No other adapters or cabling is required. Supports GSM, 3G and 4G networks and covers multiple frequencies.


Will work with any carrier giving 2 to 3 extra bars of signal strength in most application.


MHz 700 850 900 1800 2100 2300 2600
Supported frequencies shown in GREEN
Note: Antenna gain may vary depending upon frequency.
Additional Information
Antenna Type

15dBi, 18dBi

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