CDQ7195 RFI Elevated Feed Antenna -Q-Fit Removable Whip 6.5db 3G 4G


The CDQ7195 offers revolutionary multi-band performance for the most demanding of voice and data requirements. A high gain and consistent performer across 3G, 4G 4GX and NextG bands. Multiband 700-2700MHz

The CDQ7195 is ideal for use in fringe areas and rural applications across Australia..
With a 13mm stud mount, these antennas may be installed on a fender mount or bullbar.
Ideal for 2100MHz and 3G 4G networks 6.5dBi gain across 824-960 MHz Min. & 3dBi gain at 3G/2100MHz, Black 86cm in length . 5 metre cable .

The CDQ7195 series employ the new Q-Fit™ removable whip system for fast and
simple removal when entering low height areas such as car parks or when using
car washes. The Antennas come supplied with a waterproof cap to ensure no
water/dust ingress into the antenna connection when the whip is not installed

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The evolution continues with the release of the CD7195 4G LTE cellular mobile antenna. In response to the lightning fast roll-out of Telstra 4GX and Optus 4G+ services nation wide, Telco approached RFI to design a vehicle mounted antenna capable of operating on the new 700MHz LTE network. Part of the challenge was also to improve gain on regular 1800MHz 4G services, and provide some operation on the new 2600MHz network to ensure the antenna would remain futureproof for Cat-11 LTE devices capable of providing 450-600Mbps by aggregating 700+1800+2600MHz bands together.

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