Bury active car kit cradle system 9 new iPhone 8 iPhone 8 Plus inc on glass antenna



All Bury System 9 active cradles power and charge the phone and provide external antenna connection making a great addition to any existing Bluetooth car kit.


Connect this kit to one of our high gain antenna’s for maximum signal boost !
The Bury system 9 active cradle car kit gives you the convenience to interchange the cradle for your handset simply and easily, at the touch of a button and without the need for an engineer.


The system 9 active cradles are perfect when you have more than one mobile phone or multiple users of a vehicle while also enabling you to upgrade your handset by simply changing the cradle at the fraction of the cost of installing another hands-free car kit. All system 9 cradles must be used in conjunction with a Bury System 9 Base Unit. (Kit also includes Bury system 9 Base unit )


Specifically tuned for the 4G Next G / 3G spectrum for optimum reception performance.

Operates at 5db gain.

Barely visible from the inside and outside, this tri band antenna fits into the space between the windscreen and the ‘A’ pillar. A flexible adhesive surface ensures that it attaches securely to the inside of your car windscreen.


NextG / 3G / 4G / GSM compatible

* 5 cable- 50 ohm FME connection
* Compact dimensions
* Discrete, hides behind sun visor
* external whip
* CE-compliant
* Multi-band functionality
* 40 cm external whip

Suits: All Handsfree car kits and mobile phone car cradles that require external antennas ( cradle must have a FME connector )

GSM 900/ 1800MHz;
3 G 2100MHz
Next G 850 MHz
FME Connection
Whip 1 Gain 5dB
Cable length 5m


Anyone who has a Bluetooth hands-free system in their car, but want the ability to; hold their phone secure while driving, charge their mobile phones battery and connect to an external antenna, the Bury System 9 is the solution.
The main components of the system are the Bury System 9 is the Bury Base Plate which mounts in the vehicle, connecting to the vehicles power as well as an external antenna and the Bury Active Cradle device holder. Both can be linked together to become one unit quickly and easily thanks to our patented click assembly. It enables the mobile to be held comfortably and securely and, thanks to the integrated charging mechanism, it ensures unlimited talk time in the vehicle.

• Charging function – for unlimited talk time in the vehicle
• Antenna connection – possibility of connecting an external cellular antenna, which enables a superior broadcast and reception performance
• Snap-in mounting – quick and easy snap-in mounting
• Convenient and secure placement – of your phone
• Broad range of mounting options – on the dashboard
• For fixed installation

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Phone type

iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus

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