Strike Alpha iPhone XS Max car cradle DIY Version – Suits LifeProof Case




Perfect fit

The unique and patented cradle uses injection molding manufacturing which ensures a perfect fit with your device.

Landscape mode

If your mobile device supports a landscape mode you can easily rotate the holder into a horizontal position. This is often used while using navigation software on the phone. If you want to use your phone in portrait mode you can easily rotate it back into a vertical position.

Ext Antenna Connection

Nowadays very few smartphones have a direct connection for an external antenna. If you want to use an external antenna, the only method is through a passive induction antenna coupler. When you place your device into the cradle, the antenna coupler uses passive induction to transfer the signal between the phone and the coupler, and thus to and from the external antenna. ( When used with external antenna )

Safe  charging

Integrated in the car holder is an efficient charging circuit ( suitable for 12V & 24V ) which powers and charges your device. This will keep your device charged and ready for use in- and outside your car.

Ready to go

The holders are delivered with everything needed to install it right away. Use the Windscreen mount to install the holder on your dash , connect to power to cig plug socket  and you are ready to go.



The design of the Mobile Cradle ensures that your device is protected and sits firmly in the cradle while you are driving. To let the cradle blend in with the interior of your car the color of the cradle matches the dashboard ( Black ) with the added bonus that it won’t attract attention.

2 Year Warranty

This Product also ships to NZ,  EU, USA , UK   * Freight charges apply




Introducing the Strike Alpha iPhone XS Max Vehicle Cradle! The latest smartphone by Apple can be mounted and used safely with this car mount. This iPhone XS Max Car Cradle has a built-in Apple lightning cable for fast charging, enabling you to maximize usage of your XS Max  longer whilst hitting the road. No more worries about battery drain even after long hours on the road. It has signal boosting capability when connected to an external antenna to keep you connected even whilst you drive. Suits iPhone XS Max with LifeProof Case.

This cradle is suitable for iPhone  XS Max  LifeProof Fre and Nuud case. Case is not included in the package.


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