Strike Alpha Galaxy S9 car cradle with Bury system 9 adaptor


The internal passive antenna of the Galaxy S9 Phone Holder is specifically incorporated to improve your mobile signal once used with a reputable external antenna. The cradle comes with an FME male connector so it can be connected to an external antenna.
In this package is 1 x Strike Alpha Bury S9 Adaptor and 1 x Strike Alpha Samsung Galaxy S9 Car Cradle.   (must be used with a Bury system 9 base unit )

The adaptor allows a user to use a Strike Alpha Cradle with a Bury System 9 base plate. The existing power and antenna connections will be integrated into the cradle. This makes the Strike Alpha Cradles ‘plug and play’ with System 9 base plates.

Using it is easy! Just connect the Strike Alpha Adaptor to the Strike Alpha Cradle for Samsung S9, and click them into the System 9 base plate. No tools required! Truly plug and play.

No need to worry about finding a phone specific cradle that may or may not be available in the market.

Your benefits:

The cradle is designed to be compatible with any Bluetooth hands-free car kits from any manufacturer.

No need for an installer  DIY


Introducing the Strike Alpha Galaxy S9 Vehicle Cradle! The latest smartphone by Samsung can be mounted and used safely with this car mount. This Galaxy S9 Car Cradle has a built-in cable for fast charging, enabling you to maximise usage of your Galaxy S9  longer whilst hitting the road. No more worries about battery drain even after long hours on the road. It has signal boosting capability when connected to an external antenna to keep you connected even whilst you drive.

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