BURY Cradle universal NEW S9 active cradle 3XL suits new Galaxy S9



The Bury system 9 was the first car kit to feature interchangeable cradles and boasts a large range of cradles compatible with over 300 mobile phones from all the leading handset manufacturers.

All Bury System 9 active cradles power and charge the phone and provide external antenna connection.
The new universal cradle on offer from BURY combines the flexibility of the  System 9 with all the advantages of German  technology. A wide range of smartphones can be used with this adaptable connection set.
The system 9 universal cradle can be turned by 90° in both directions so you can use smartphone apps with a horizontal angle of view. In addition to an antenna connector to further improve reception,
needs to be used with a system 9 Base kit ( see below ) Please description for compatibility.

Cradle now includes ELKA USBC charge plug adaptor to suit Galaxy S9 series


PLEASE NOTE for new Bury 3XL Cradle …
The individual adjustment of the cradle permits using devices up to a size of approx. 5.6 inches screen size, eg, Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy Note 7*, iPhone 6/6s*, iPhone 6/6s Plus*, HTC 10, HTC One 9, HTC 10, Nokia Lumia 950, Huawei P8 &many more. Smartphones that fit can be anywhere between 128mm to 165mm (length) and 56mm to 90mm (width). Not suitable for Sony Xperia due location of power connector.

includes micro USB charge lead ,  Lightning Plug iPhone charge Lead not included , check below to order

3XL version suits phone
H : min 128 – max 165mm
W : min 56- max 90mm D : 8 – max 20mm

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