Bury car cradle system 8 new iPhone X XS iPhone 10


Bury iPhone 10  iPhone X iPhone XS system 8 take & talk cradle


All Bury System 8 take & talk cradles power and charge the phone and provide external antenna connection making a great addition to any car.


The Bury system 8 take & talk cradle car kit gives you the convenience to interchange the cradle for your handset simply and easily, at the touch of a button and without the need for an engineer.


The system 8 take & talk cradles are perfect when you have more than one mobile phone or multiple users of a vehicle while also enabling you to upgrade your handset by simply changing the cradle at the fraction of the cost of installing another hands-free car kit. All system 8 cradles must be used in conjunction with a Bury System 8 Uni Cartalk Base Unit. Add @ checkout if required.


Not sure which system you have in your car , if on the back of your old cradle it says take & talk , then you need a Bury system 8 cradle , if it says active cradle , then you need the system 9 cradle.


If in your car you already have a Bury base installed in your car , if it says Bury system 9 , then use the Bury system 9 cradles .


If in your car on your Bury base is says Bury , then you will need a Bury system 8 car cradle.


The Bury S8 iPhone X Cradle mobile device holder series embodies the flexibility of the UNI System 8. When you change your mobile you can simply continue using your basic set and then look for the right holder for your new mobile. Our extensive range enables the use of more than 250 mobile models from leading manufacturers. The universal hands-free device is designed in such a way as to be a successful link between great flexibility and a high conversation quality.

You can find an up-to-date compatibility list for mobile device holders in the UNI CarTalk download area.


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