2x TS9 Straight to 1x FME/M Y patch lead 500mm



2x TS9 Straight to 1x FME/M Y patch lead. A patch lead is an adapter cable that allows connection of an antenna to the device. This patch lead allows connection of a single antenna to a modem with dual antenna ports. Patch lead length is 500mm.


Suits … Nighthawk M2 Modem Telstra ,  B618s Telstra 4GX Modem  , Nighthawk M1 Telstra Modem ,

Huawei E5787 Telstra Pre Paid 4GX Wi-Fi Pro , Netgear AirCard Smart Cradle DC112A  ,

Netgear Wi-Fi 4GX Advanced III AC810 ,

Netgear Advanced II Pro AC790S , 78XS Netgear Ethernet & Antenna Charging Cradle ,

Netgear Sierra Advanced Pro AC785S , My Pocket WiFi Plus MF910 , WiFi 4G Advanced Pro X Huawei E5786s .


Use to connect external antenna to your Telstra modem for signal boost and faster downloads.

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Picture may not be exact model as described.