Telstra – Vodafone – Optus – Magnetic mount 9db High Gain NEXTG – 3G – 4G


9dBi Magnetic Base Antenna heavy duty with FME Female Connector, 5m cable included. Collapsible 3 pieces. This antenna comes in 3 pieces for easy portability. Simply screws together for use. Note that we do not recommend magnetic base antennas for moving vehicles as they can detach particularly on bumpy or corrugated roads. For this type of application, we recommend our Stainless Spring Fibreglass antenna, which permanently mounts to the vehicle and has a spring to protect it from damaging road vibration. Requires placement on a ferrous metal surface. Supports GSM, 3G and 4G 4GX networks.


A Benchmark Flagship Performer for most medium to heavy-duty Antenna requirements
Australian Genuine stock . Designed for regional & metro areas.

NextG Ready – Multi-band! Works on every mobile phone network & all 3G / Next G .4G antenna length 87cm


The Omni series antenna offers revolutionary multi-band performance for the most demanding of voice and data requirements.
Perfect for Australian 3G/NextG 4G conditions requiring the ability to switch calls across bands.
With high-gain and consistent performance across 3G850, GSM900/1800, 3G900, GSM-R1800, PCS1900 and 3G2100, ideal for use in fringe areas & rural applications across Australia,
9dBi Antenna with a 5m cable and FME connector.


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