20m Super Low Loss Antenna Cable LMR400 SMA Male to SMA Female





Cable assembly features:


  • Black polyethylene outdoor flooded weather-proof UV resistant 10.3mm jacket.
  • Double shielded with copper braid coverage of over 93% and 100% aluminium tape coverage.
  • Extra Wide bandwidth Gas-Injected Foam Polyethylene 7.2mm insulator.
  • Copper over Aluminium (Al-Cu) Solid Centre Conductor 2.74mm.
  • High quality RF connectors with soldered pin, crimped shield and adhesive heat shrink insulation.

20m Super Low Loss 50Ω cellular antenna cable LMR400® equivalent with SMA Male to SMA Female connectors. High quality coaxial cable suitable for indoor or outdoor cellular applications.

For use with Cel Fi Go Panel antenna . and Yagi . MiMo antenna’s.