Bury CP 1100 Truck / Bus Phone Colour display car-kit with voice control


For truck and bus drivers, owning a hands free mobile unit is a must-have to avoid fines and keep in touch 24/7. This can make it safe for drivers to make calls, listen to music, and use navigation systems. So what’s the solution?


The Bury Truck and Bus phone is a fully-featured phone with a smart, simple and intuitive user interface that allows drivers to communicate and handle various tasks with ease. After installing the product in your vehicle, the first-rate Bury Truck and Bus phone will provide you with a number of useful features, all while allowing you to control your phone via voice control.


Using exclusive patented technology, the Bury Truck and Bus phone includes a signal boost of up 2 watts, uses a magic word voice activation system, and even reads out messages and phone book entries aloud so you’ll never have to take your eyes off the road.


 Signal boost up to 2 watts ensures maximum benefit of available antenna signal across the country.

CP 1100 Full Feature List…

– Fixed in-vehicle installation
– Up to 2 watt signal boost

Independent communication system

– with own dedicated SIM card, installed permanently in the vehicle
2.8” Colour Display

– displays phone book, call lists, text messages

-displays antenna reception, carriers name and incoming telephone number

Day/Night Mode – brightness of the symbols on the display can be adjusted
– Displays text messages
Text-to-Speech – reads out text messages and phone book entries aloud

– DialogPlus Voice Control – extremely accurate

– Rapid reaction word recognition without voice training and with visual and audible user support
– Voice Dialing – Using magic word activates voice control with a single voice command
– Voice control of all menu functions
– Supports 7 languages

Large illuminated keys
– Memo function records up to 2 minutes of conversation
– Auto mute of radio/entertainment system during incoming/outgoing calls (radio dependent)
– Crystal clear audio/voice reproduction via the vehicles stereo system* or external loudspeaker (*subject to compatibility with vehicle stereo system)
Multiple call handling – hold calls and switch between them, conference up to 7 participants
– Emergency Calls – via an SOS key
– External antenna connection via FME or FAKRA
– Privacy Handset available (optional accessory)

Bury CP 1100 is compatible with the following frequencies

Telstra Next G Network: 850MHz
2G: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
3G: 800/850/1700/1900/2100MHz.


Price for 8 + Units  $949.00 each inc GST


Bury CP1100 hard-wired in-vehicle phone working with any Telstra standard sim card
(or car-phone/truck-phone as people typically describe such devices).

With signal boost of up to 2.3 watts plus the well known and trusted Bury technology the call quality is second to none.
features include:

  • fixed in-vehicle installation.
  • up to 2.3 watt signal boost.
  • 2.8” display screen.
  • large illuminated keys.
  • voice dialling.
  • voice control of menu functions.
  • magic word.
  • privacy handset optional.
  • displays text messages.
  • reads text messages out loud.
  • displays phone book.
  • displays call list.
  • memo function records up to 2 minutes of conversation.
  • supports fixed dialling numbers.
  • auto mute of entertainment system. (radio dependent)
  • emergency sos calling.
  • supports 7 languages.
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